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Encompassing Emmy award-winning bonded cellular, wireless video, video streaming, video over IP, encoding, IP probing, monitoring & multiviewer, enterprise IPTV, Verimatrix & Pro:Idiom digital rights management (DRM) & encryption, digital signage, and fiber-optic communications systems, VidOvation solutions improve video transmissions by removing the frustrations of signal loss, latency...

Model: TAG Decryptor

TAG Decryptor offers a proven and secure method of real time Decryption, Monitoring and Viewing of OTT content after the packager within the secure zone.
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NAB Perspectives: VidOvation’s Jachetta Talks Disputed Goals, Accelerated File Transfer
Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012
NAB Perspectives: VidOvation’s Jachetta Talks Disputed Goals, Accelerated File Transfer

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are well under way, and VidOvation’s In-Net GoalCam has the best seat in all 16 first-round houses. The company’s In-Net GoalCam 60 GHz wireless technology is mounted in each goal, delivering fully uncompressed video with no bit or resolution manipulation.

President/CEO Jim Jachetta shows off In-Net GoalCam.

“The video goes from the goal, up to the NHL rack in the replay room, [and] then gets transported to Toronto, where Head Official Mike Murphy looks at all the instant replays,” says VidOvation President/CEO Jim Jachetta. “If there’s a disputed call, they rewind the recorders and look to see if the puck is in or out.”

The In-Net GoalCam, which feeds HD, 720p video via RF transmitter, can be adjusted, panned, tilted, focused, and zoomed remotely. The system includes a receiver that can be mounted in the ceiling up to 150 ft. high.

Also on display at last week’s NAB Show, the SSFC100 Storage Protocol and File Accelerator was developed through VidOvation’s partnership with UK-based ARG Digital. Specifically designed for linking storage area networks without the performance penalties normally associated with long-distance connections, the File Accelerator lends itself particularly well to sports. Using the example of an NBA Playoff game, Jachetta describes a scenario in which the game video has to be sent to the NBA’s archiving facilities for metadata tagging and highlight creation.

“You run into problems moving these large files across networks, whether public networks or private networks,” he says, “It’s difficult for the Internet to handle these very large files. A device like the File Accelerator will reduce the time eightfold or more to move these large files. Say, a file took eight hours to get through the network using traditional protocols; the device will cut that down to 45 minutes.

“In our fast paced world,” he continues, “the quicker the video files can get through the network, the better.”