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EZCast Pro draws from more than a decade of experience from its parent company, Actions Microelectronics (aka Actions Micro), to bring you the latest in enterprise-grade wireless collaboration solutions. Whether in a conference room, a huddle room or a classroom, our easy-to-use solutions are the key to an amazing and productive user experience.

Model: QuattroPod USB

Simplifying the transmitter to use only USB interface to plug and play laptops and smartphones. Never worry about HDMI, DP and other connectors anymore.
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The Perfect Technology for Huddle Rooms, QuattroPod Lite
Posted on Friday, May 8, 2020
The Perfect Technology for Huddle Rooms, QuattroPod Lite

When we think of the perfect office space to improve productivity, we usually think about open-plan design, huddle rooms, and BYOD workplace.

An open-plan office promotes spontaneous discussions that allow colleagues to spark conversations and ideas as easily as watercooler conversations.

Huddle rooms encourage idea sharing in semi-casual settings where a few colleagues can share presentations in private to drive actions immediately.

BYOD workplace boosts the productivity of teams by allowing everyone to work from any laptop or smartphone.

Today we will share with you the latest huddle room technology, QuattroPod Lite, to promote quicker, action-driven discussions in your workplace.


What is an ideal huddle room technology?

An ideal huddle room technology should let attendees make wireless presentations in seconds without configuring the hardware or installing additional software.

A small group of fewer than 6 people can simply arrive at the huddle room for a quick meeting, and share ideas via wireless presentation immediately.

Introducing QuattroPod Lite to make your huddle rooms even more productive

QuattroPod Lite is designed to make wireless presentations a true plug-and-play experience with no configuration.

Imagine connecting your laptop to a projector with the ease of an HDMI cable, but without the restriction of cables.


QuattroPod Lite allows a small team to instantly share wireless presentations from any HDMI output devices like your laptop or document camera instantly, with no setup.

So your team can spend less time setting up equipment and more time in executing strategies.

QuattroPod Lite supports mobile native wireless display protocols

The ultimate test of cross-platform compatibility is to support Windows, macOS, iOS, Android systems’s native protocols.

QuattroPod Lite supports smartphones in the best way possible by working with native wireless display protocols such as AirPlay Screen Mirroring from iOS, and Chromecast/Google Cast from Android phones.

So you can instantly upgrade your huddle room into a BYOD workspace with QuattroPod Lite, and allow anyone to collaborate with smartphones and laptops.

Furthermore, Android users have the option of downloading a QuattroPod app from Google Play to screen mirror as well.

QuattroPod Lite is future-proof with 4K output display

As Full HD displays have become the norm in offices and homes around the world, we want to make sure your investment in productivity equipment can stay useful for a long time.

We recommend only purchase displays in 4K or above from now on to get more mileage out of your equipment.

Enter QuattroPod Lite with its 4K outputs that will surely stay relevant in your office for years to come.

The combination of plug and play, zero configuration required, mobile support and 4K output makes QuattroPod Lite the best huddle space technology to boost your office productivity.

Model: QuattroPod (T01)
Model: QuattroPod Lite Pack