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Reduce Intercom Costs in Large Buildings
Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Reduce Intercom Costs in Large Buildings

What does the intercom in a project for a building with 35 flats look like? Does it have 35 buttons? Why not? The 2N® IP Verso can have up to 146 of them! But you should know that things can be done in a much cheaper and more stylish manner.

Today in the You should know column, we will explain that a luxury touchscreen can also be suitable in a project where you might not at first offer.

Imagine the 35 flats mentioned above. You have two options. You can put four dual-module frames full of buttons by the door and the intercom will be almost two feet wide. Or the other option is to use a colour touch display. 2N® IP Verso with a touch display by the door will transform an ordinary block of flats into a luxury residence.

The most important part of all this is that with 35 buttons (7 modules with 5 buttons), the alternative with the touch display will be cheaper. It will also reduce operating costs. For example, you won’t need anyone to go to the building and change the name tags when a new tenant moves in. The building manager can easily change the directory on the display from their office on the other side of town.

What can the touch display do?

You can save an incredible 10,000 contacts in the touch display’s directory, but you probably don’t have a building that big in your project. You can also arrange the directory into a tree structure. In the first step, the visitor chooses the floor and then the flat number they want to call. If the directory contains names, a search option is handy.

The touch display offers you more than just a directory of contacts. It can display a keyboard that you can use to control access. Tapping in the PIN will open the door for residents or cleaners. It can also display the keyboard differently every time and shuffle the numbers. It is much more difficult for thieves to determine the PIN by watching others enter. But that’s not all. In standby mode, the display can show the house number, a picture or even a video.