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The most unique press box in the world

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The most unique press box in the world
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The most unique press box in the world
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AudioPressBox showcases its AudioPressBox units, offering a range of features and functionality for top of the line press conferences.

When we talk about a press box – everyone imagines a box with one input and many outputs. But what if it can do much more than that? AudioPressBox APB-224 C  was designed to be a device that is simple to use, yet versatile. Its features and functionality were developed based on the feedback of our customers and partners. The unique features like built-in AccuPack, MIC/LINE level Inputs and MIC/LINE level Outputs make it a number one choice for every press conference anywhere in the world.

APB-224 C is a professional portable 2 channel active press box with 2 MIC/LINE level inputs and 24 MIC/LINE level outputs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conferences because of the built-in rechargeable AccuPack and heavy duty Nanuk case.

The input section has 2 switchable Mic or Line level inputs, switchable Phantom power, High-pass filter and Compressor with Limiter for each input. Each input you can route to the output Bus A or B or both.

The 24 outputs are balanced and individually transformer isolated. Each output has switchable output level between Mic or Line level (-20/+6 dBu). The outputs are further divided to Bus A and Bus B.

Additional features include Oscillator which when turned on sends a test signal of 1 kHz at nominal level to all the connected devices. What is more, the unit includes a rechargeable Li-Ion AccuPack which can power the unit for up to 8 hours allowing you to organize a press conference outdoors without the need of electricity.

All in all, the unit is a bestseller worldwide with its customer range from presidents and prime minister offices through various institutions to sport stadiums and of course live event / rental companies.