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Dynamic visuals in dramatic settings are possible with state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Electric XL-Series® fine pitch LED displays. XL-Series® displays enable customers to get creative. Customizable shapes and sizes supported by end-to-end pre-construction and design support, project engineering, installation, control systems, and post-sale service ensure that no matter how challenging the project, Mitsubishi Electric will provide the best possible solution

New York City

A 1.27mm fine pitch display was installed to create a dynamic art display in the lobby of a 67-floor supertall skyscraper in midtown Manhattan, New York City. The artistic display content was created to transform throughout the day and with the change of seasons.

  • Product: 1.27mm
  • Size: 15.75’ x 26.0’ (4.80 x 7.93 meters)
  • Pixel Resolution: 3,780 x 6,240
  • Service Access: Wall mounted front service
  • Special Features: Exceeds 4K Resolution



A 1.58mm fine pitch display was installed in the lobby of a 32-story office tower located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. The display helps bring the space to life with continuously changing art, news, and other information.

  • Product: 1.58mm
  • Size: 9.0’ x 16.0’ (2.74 x 4.88 meters)
  • Pixel Resolution: 1,728 x 3,072
  • Service Access: Wall mounted front service